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A passionate singer since her early age, Magda Lukovic has studied music at the Conservatory of Bratislava in Slovakia. It was thanks to these studies that she has become enthusiastic about working with her voice.

Today, she is a recognized vocal artist and performs as a soloist and choir singer with regional and international choirs and orchestras in Alsace and Germany (Voix de Stras', Vocalensemble Rastatt, etc.)

Sharing her enthusiasm about singing, Magda also teaches and coaches the chorus-singers of the Philharmonic Orchestra Choir of Strasbourg, and the Bezirkskantorei in Kehl, Germany. As a former member of the Slovak national folkloric ensemble LÚCNICA, she performed with the Orchestra of Folkloric Instrumentsof Slovak Radio Bratislava during festivals and for recordings.

As a classical vocal performer she has been accompanied by organists and pianists in France, Germany, Italy and the United States (Jean-Luc Gester, Françis Jacob, Thomas KientzCarol WilliamsFrancis WirthPaolo Vergari...)

In addition to performing original productions of a vast repertoire of classical music (Henri Hardouin, Wolfgang-Carl Briegel, Samuel Capricornus, Martin Vogt, August Schirlé, etc.), Magda Lukovic has cooperateded with musicologists researching Czech music (Antonín Dvořák, Leoš Janáček).